Which Services Should I Use To Promote My Coin?

Telegramshill.com has many services and dozens of packages to promote your cryptocurrency and grow your community. In order to determine the services you want to receive, you must first determine what you need. For example, if your telegram group is not very crowded, we can start this business from our follower service. Then you should try the shill and token upvote services to bring real users into your community. Especially shill and mail service is a very effective promotion method on behalf of the crypto market. Thanks to the shill service, your promotion text to crypto groups goes and you reach the communities. Thanks to the mail service, you have the opportunity to communicate directly with the user.

*Telegram Shill; It allows you to share the promotion text of your project to crypto groups on telegram at regular intervals and to attract the attention of investors and the community as a short summary. It allows you to advertise to selected telegram groups within our large database network by unique users that have been created specifically for you according to the chill package you receive and are completely suitable for its purpose.

*Mail Service; It allows you to advertise to other users via mail by supporting your promotion text with the most basic explanation and images. In this way, you have the opportunity to reach users and, more importantly, investors directly.

*Upvote Service; By increasing your votes on many listing sites such as Cointoplist.net, it takes you to the top of the lists. In this way, users of the sites notice your project.

So why telegramshill.com? Telegramshill.com, which has one of the most comprehensive databases on the market, determines the right target audience for you and allows you to act completely in line with the purpose. Telegramshill.com, which has grown its presence even more with its user base consisting of real investors and partnership agreements, offers a great opportunity for you. Moreover, at prices you will never find in the market.

How Do I Buy?

First of all, click on which service you want to get from your homepage. On the page that opens, select the package that suits you and click on the buy now section. You must fill in the required information correctly in the form section. You can leave your link in the Text section again. After making sure that you have filled in all the information correctly, you can proceed to the payment section.


Make your payment to the payment wallet provided to you in the payment section via the correct network.After making your payment, make your payment via txid or scanlink via the form below.



You have completed your processes in an easy way. Congratulations. After all the processes are completed, our team will do the checks and send you a notification via e-mail. Your followers will be sent as soon as possible.